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AV Avenue offers sales, installation and service of presentation technology into various venues and markets.  We also provide a variety of design and consulting services to architects, construction firms, and end users.  Each set of services can be tailored to meet specific project and client needs.


We take pride in collaborating and working with our clients and ensuring that they are well informed throughout the entire process.  Our interests are always aligned with yours and we will maximize our expertise to ensure that your needs are always met.  Take advantage of our consultation services below to see what the right solution can do for you.



Budget Planning Assistance

This is very useful for both short and long term planning.  Fund raising efforts are more fruitful when a detailed goal is in sight.  This service includes:

     • Needs analysis

     • Preliminary system design

     • Budgetary report for planning purposes

Systems Integration (Sales and Installation)

This service includes everything that you will need to add a new or updated sound or video system to your space.

     • Systems Design

     • Product Sales

     • System installation and Training

     • Warranty & Support

Systems Documentation

This service is for existing sound or video systems that were installed by other companies and  never documented properly, making system maintenance and updates difficult. Included in this service is on-site investigation and documentation of all aspects of of your existing systems.  It includes production of AutoCAD drawings and assembly of owner's manuals and user's guides for each system.

Acoustical Design

No building intended for human occupancy should be designed without acoustical treatment and isolation considerations.  This service provides design for building acoustics and noise issues.  This service includes:

     • Needs analysis

     • On-site acoustical testing

     • Complete acoustical design

     • Design Report and Drawings

Building Infrastructure Design

This service provides design and documentation of building infrastructure for technology.  It address  everything that your building will need to accommodate your sound and video systems now and in the future:

     • Architectural and physical requirements

     • Power and conduit requirements

     • Heating and cooling requirements

     • Structural support requirements

     • AutoCAD drawing documentation

Systems Specifications for Bidding/Procurement

This service is used when a project will benefit from multiple bidders or is required to issue public bids.

     • Needs discovery meetings

     • Systems design and documentation

     • Assistance with bid issuance

     • Bid review

     • Supervision of installation

     • Punch-list inspection and Acceptance Testing

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